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CARPRESSE:Best Multipress Value is a company of Vignolini 's family



Brief history of Vignolini's Family in Transfer Press  world

1956-1972  Vignolini Remo  General Manager di Benelli Presse Meccaniche               

1972            Vignolini Remo founds  BMV with 2 partners, he has 51% of share

1984            Vignolini Monica becomes the Administration Manager.

                     Vignolini Barbara begins to work in BMV.

1995            Vignolini Luca becomes the Director Of Technical Office .

                     Vignolini's family has  65% of BMV spa.

2000            Vignolini Luca  becomes the Technical Manager of BMV.

2005            Vignolini Luca  becomes the Vice President of  BMV

2011            BMV spa in Voluntary Liquidation

2013            Birth of CARPRESSE (Best Multipress Value) 100%  Vignolini'Family.

2014            3^ Generation  of Vignolini's family in the company  in adminstration

                    and technical department


Carpresse is a small company that belong to a family of technicians with more than 50 years experience to project and to build complete turnkey systems to produce many articles for all the industries that work using sheet metal. The founder of this family is one of the group of people that more than 50 years ago projected and realized the first transfer press in Italy.

Today in Carpresse has begun to work the third generation.

All the stages necessaries from the project until to the final set up and customers assistance, in Carpresse are followed directly and personally from one of the owners, not only using the experience but also with the enthusiasm and the passion that are originated by an activity on which many good technical results was obtained.

It is very easy to understand how big advantage represents such real aim and situation for the Carpresse customers that can find in every moment one competent responsible to receive theirs needs and to try to give them the possible earliest solutions.

About the quality of the Carpresse production, it is still valid the philosophy  adoptee for 50 years by his technicians and that consider absolutely the best concept and parameters of project, the best machining work, the most accuracy to assembly and set up, without to condition the reaching of the best quality and reliability  by any cost save considerations.

Unfortunately this philosophy is sometime not positive at commercial level but Carpresse likes in any case to maintain  such historical position also if this can cause the lost of certain orders.

Nevertheless the consequences of the quality – cost find the mitigation through the positive organization and machining strategy employ by Carpresse where every movement and stage of activity are checked directly from expert partners.


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