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Carpresse srl is a company owned by the Vignolini's family



Brief history of Vignolini's Family in Transfer Press  world


1956-1972  Vignolini Remo  General Manager di Benelli Presse Meccaniche               

1972            Vignolini Remo founds  BMV with 2 partners, he has 51% of share

1984            Vignolini Monica becomes the Administration Manager.

                    Vignolini Barbara begins to work in BMV.

1995            Vignolini Luca becomes the Director Of Technical Office .

                    Vignolini's family has  65% of BMV spa.

2000            Vignolini Luca  becomes the Technical Manager of BMV.

2005            Vignolini Luca  becomes the Vice President of  BMV

2011            BMV spa in Voluntary Liquidation

2013            Birth of CARPRESSE (Best Multipress Value) 100%  Vignolini'Family.

2014            3^ Generation  of Vignolini's family in the company  in adminstration

                    and technical department


Carpresse profile 


Carpresse is a family company that belongs to a family of technicians with more than 60 years of experience to design and build complete turnkey systems to produce many components for all industries that work with sheet metal.
The progenitor of this family is part of the group of people who 60 years ago designed and built the first transfer press in Italy.

Today the third generation also works in Carpresse.

All the necessary phases, from the project to the final set-up and customer assistance, are followed directly and personally by one of the owners, making use not only of the experience but also of the enthusiasm and passion that arise from an activity on which have been achieved many good technical results.
Carpresse customers can therefore find at any time a competent manager capable of gathering their needs and trying to provide them with the most timely solutions.

Regarding the quality of Carpresse production, the philosophy adopted for 60 years by its technicians is still valid: best concepts and design parameters, best mechanical processing, maximum precision in assembly and development, achievement of the best quality and reliability. Each phase of activity is controlled directly by expert technicians.

This philosophy involves a higher production cost and sometimes it may appear be not positive at a commercial level but Carpresse makes high quality one of its main strengths, even if this involves the loss of some orders from customers less interested in qualitative aspect.


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