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The CARPRESSE technical staff (100% owned and managed by the Vignolini family) has more than 60 years of double experience (both as regards the transfer presses and the related tools and special equipment) to design and manufacture complete turnkey systems to automatically produce a very wide range of metal parts.

In particular, the specialization of CARPRESSE personnel is dedicated to production in the following industrial sectors:



             AEROSOL TOPS                                                                      : from 140 to  360 pieces/min


            AEROSOL  BOTTOMS                                                             : from 280 to 1800 p/m


            CAMPING GAS CARTRIDGES                                                  : from  60 to 120 p/m


            CANS : ROUND and SQUARE                                                 : from 60 to 500 p/m


            HUNTING -SPORTS CASES and BULLETS of small calibers : 120 or 240 p/m


            OIL FILTER CANS  with height until 260mm                        : from 28 to 60 p/m


            PARTS FOR AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY                                   : according to the size


            PERFUMERY METAL CONTAINERS                                        : according to the size



Currently CARPRESSE employs a large part of its double specialized experience to continuously improve the performance and production speed of parts with thickness up to 1.5 mm and for this production, it always studies different alternatives to meet the particular need of each individual customer in all. the world.

An example of such deep dedication to the particular needs of the customer is given in the field of the production of Aerosol tops, for which CARPRESSE has 10 different solutions available.


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